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The POLANDSECURITIES brand was advertised during the ITI Holdings (media and entertainment group) offer in June 2002.

The report, critical of the ITI offer, was received by investment fund associations, OFE (Polish pension funds) managers, investment banks, analysts and the media. ITI Holdings and its shareholders to date intended to sell shares valued up to 1.5 billion PLN. It was the biggest offer of 2002. ITI Holdings did not assign any shares due to the small number of subscriptions made. 

POLANDSECURITIES issued an analytical report on the HOOP SA offer in May 2003. The offer was rescheduled. The issue price was agreed in the lowest bracket differential – 21 PLN. A year after the issue the value of Hoop shares dropped to 8 PLN, whilst the market was experiencing a growth trend. In 2004 and 2005 in a poll by the ‘Rzeczpospolita’ journal directed at managers of investment funds, Hoop was recognized as one of the five least credible companies on the WSE.

In consecutive years POLANDSECURITIES has issued analytical reports on companies quoted on the stock market, appraising some companies in a critical light and pointing out their overvaluation, whilst other companies we have judged in a positive light, indicating their strengths.

We pointed out the high overvaluation of companies but where we saw good companies and their potential for growth we appraised them in a positive light against the market and according to the index.
The main analyses are available on the home page and the reports, and prognoses issued by us, can be checked and assessed.

The CV of the POLANDSECURITIES main associate in Poland can be found here.

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